The Collaborative remains committed to creating a strong coordinated response across Greater Cleveland in support of those who have been trafficked.

Karen Walsh, President/CEO

In this time of crisis, each of us are rightfully focused on many impactful and sometimes scary realities, both personal and professional. We want to assure you our Board of Directors and staff remain hard at work to ensure the safety net developed by the Collaborative and its partner organizations is strong and intact in the Greater Cleveland region. We know that communities which care for one another survive their struggles.

It is imperative, now more than ever, that we step up for those residents at greatest risk, including those who are victims/survivors of human trafficking.

It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing a financial hardship on many organizations and the Collaborative is no exception. The Collaborative’s reliance upon grants and charitable contributions makes us susceptible to the harsh realities of difficult financial decisions. We need your help to continue the coordinated and comprehensive effort to address human trafficking. No matter your ability to give at this time,

please know that we are extremely grateful for you and that, together, we WILL continue to make a difference for those who need us most.  

​​The Collaborative is excited to welcome Joe Savarise, Executive Director, Ohio Hotel and & Lodging Association, as our Keynote Speaker. 

Joe will discuss what the lodging industry is doing to address human trafficking in Ohio, including OHLA's significant work with the Collaborative's        Greater Cleveland Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking program.


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Human trafficking is today’s practice of slavery. It is involuntary servitude and it is happening today around the world, across the United States, and in Ohio.  Those subjected to the crime are exploited through forced labor and commercial sex for another's financial gain. Victims include children and adults, men and women, and U.S. citizens as well as foreign born individuals.

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking in northeast Ohio supports the fundamental human right to freedom by educating and advocating for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons.

The operative word in our name is “Collaborative”—we recognize that only in partnership with others can we ever hope to end human trafficking.


​Mission:  To educate and advocate for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons.