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What Is Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It is involuntary servitude.  People are forced to do things against their will for the financial gain of others, and they see no way out of their situation.  Victims of this crime include children and adults, women and men, and US citizens as well as foreign born individuals, who are exploited for commercial sex and/or forced labor.

According to the International Labor Organization, nearly 21 million people are estimated to be trafficked globally. Of those, an estimated 11.4 million women and girls, and 9.5 million men and boys are effected by this crime.(1)  Forced labor generates $150 billion a year around the world, $99 billion of which is generated from commercial sexual exploitation.(2)

It also occurs in every city and state across the United States.  Victims can be found working in the commercial sex industry (including escort services, brothels, massage parlors, strip clubs, and street prostitution) as well as in restaurants, hotels, factories, farms, landscaping companies, nail salons, private homes as domestic workers, at constructions sites, and more. 

There is no one face to human trafficking.  Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking regardless of age, nationality, gender or race.

To learn more about this crime...

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