Canopy Child Advocacy Center

Marya Simmons, Operations Manager 

Equality Ohio

Gio Santiago, Northeast Ohio Regional Organizer

Kate Mozynski, Legal Clinic Staff Attorney

Providence House

Nora Conway, Family Services Coordinator

Cuyahoga DD - Ohio Department of Development Disabilities

Katherine Antall, Behavioral Health Department

The Collaborative convenes and leads a 60+ member multi-disciplinary partner program made up of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses across our region called the Greater Cleveland Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking. Click on any of the videos below to learn more about the role these organizations play as a member of the Coordinated Response and their program offerings.

Greater Cleveland Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking

Collaborative to End Human Trafficking

Kirsti Mouncey, CEO/President


Hannah Shaub, Comprehensive Community Case Manager & Network Advocate

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

Shanell Gist, Advocacy Manager